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Welcome everyone!

Above is my 1970 Corvette Roadster in 2000. I've had it most of my adult life and will probably always have it. Since I've driven it for over 35 years (315,000+ mi), I knew very well what it was like to drive a stock Corvette. Therefore, I decided to perform a complete restification to include suspension, engine & drivetrain, and interior. I want the end result to be fairly stock looking with the exception of wheels and hood.
Items replaced at the time of this picture (circa 2000) - complete removal and replacement of suspension with Vette Brakes Performance package, new rotors, calipers, u-joints, power steering & linkage, and Torq Thrust II wheels with Falken tires.

Vette Photo #2

The picture above is how it looks as of September 2006. After 6 years, most of the work is done and I feel I accomplished what I set out to do. All that remains is cosmetic work. For example, the hood needs to be painted. In the meantime, I can continue to drive it and enjoy it!

Wheel Closeup - 17 inch Torq Thrust II

This is a close-up shot of the front wheel. The wheels clear the calipers by about 1/4 inch. Quality of VB rotors is excellent - they have a mirror-like surface similar to that of the wheels.

This good looking creature is Farley, a "retired" racing greyhound. Although he appears relaxed here, he still has quite a bit of speed.
Did you know a greyhound can accelerate from a standing start (blind in a box) to a speed of 45mph in two strides? That's 66 feet per second! A greyhound strides at a frequency of about 3 strides per second, which means 60 feet comes up in less than a second. How quick is your Corvette to 60 feet?

Well, here's my Harley. It's a '97 Evo Heritage Softail. Maybe not as quick as some crotch rockets, but it's fine for me. I enjoy cruising around in good weather...
It's fitted with a K&N air filter and Python III pipes for that great sound.